What Motivates You To Workout?

Hi friends! How’s it rolling? Hope your summer is living up to expectations. Mine rarely does until August, because that’s when I really tackle the summer bucket list before it’s too late. ‘No, summer, don’t leave yet!’ Why does it always take me so long to take full advantage of summer? No worries, I have plans planned. Huzzah!

Today’s Fit Dish topic is particularly fun, and I’m adding a motivating twist. Topics are always optional. Read all participation guidelines HERE. flat self

My personal training certification studies are truckin’ along, and one of the chapters revolves around helping clients make lifestyle changes. They offer a series of questions to determine the needs of a client, and one idea that stood out to me was helping them answer a question like this:

What motivates you to workout?

What’s the final factor that gets you moving, even when you don’t feel like it? How do you get started when you’re just ‘Soooo, not in the mood.’?

Everyone faces this situation, even the ‘fitties’ (fitness fanatics), even me (actually, I feel this way before most workouts, but at least 3 times a week).

An overall workout builds momentum, therefore, getting started is the hardest part because there is ZERO momentum. The first 5-10 minutes are tough, possibly riddled with annoyance at the very act of having to move at all. But then, it gets better – endorphins start to release (feel-good hormones), cortisol levels drop (stress goes down), and our bodies warm-up, helping us feel lighter and/or less achy.

As I brainstormed about this post, I envisioned my workout wear and gear – my ‘flat self’ pre-workout. It got me excited to workout. Huh?

You see, all these things – the clothes, the shoes, headphones, arm bands, headbands, watches, workout notebooks, waterbottles, yoga mats….they have become a part of my life, and a part of me.

When I see or visualize my workout gear, I remember how strong I am – so much sweat, effort, work, struggle, and doubt has been lived through with those items. But, every time I take on a workout, I am rewarded with so much more than the ‘cost.’ After my workout, I feel so alive, so vibrant and happy. I feel powerful and capable. I feel proud. My head is cleared, or at least clear-er. My outlook is more positive. My dreams get bigger and more exciting. All these rewards come with me for the rest of my day. All, from one workout.

Workout gear is a symbol to me of vitality, power, energy, passion and love. Yes, LOVE. Moving your body every day is loving your body. Your body needs to move, and it will pay you back in spades for your efforts.

My motivation to workout?

Knowing how great it will make me feel, and how it improves my life, making me more capable to improve others’ lives.

I posed this question to my group fitness class, and here were some answers

  • having a routine time, class, and/or workout schedule
  • mental health, it makes me feel good, increases happiness
  • to fit in my pants, and stay the same size
  • to have more energy
  • knowing my friends or instructor expect me to go

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts, because I know we can all help each other out! Getting moving is a challenge! How do you will yourself out of bed, off the couch etc etc? Do tell.

P.S. I have yet to use that selfie stick. It’s gonna require one epic workout to deserve a selfie with that industrial thing. Ha!


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19 Responses to What Motivates You To Workout?

  1. I tell myself, “You will regret sleeping in”! Fitting in a workout is much less complicated if I just get up and do it before the kids are up. I never regret working out but it is hard to get moving some days!

    These flat self pictures are motivating! Just looking at cute workout clothes makes me want to get moving 🙂

    • Amy, I agree with everything you said. It’s always better to get it out of the way, because it just makes things less complicated! And, I love the idea of simplifying. You have inspired me to get up a little earlier. It will make such a difference in my day. THANK YOU! And, these flat self pics inspired me too. SO FUN!

  2. EVERY morning I debate getting up and getting my workout in or sleeping in and (maybe) doing it later. Lately, I’ve been reminding myself of 2 things. 1) I’ll feel MUCH better and more energized for the day if I get up and go now. 2) Now that I’m commuting to work on my bike, there MUCH less traffic when I leave at 6:45 vs. 8:45 – so I’ll be safer if I workout! haha – Love all your flat self outfits 🙂

    • The debate is for REAL! Oh my goodness, every morning, I am debating about working out earlier or later. Really, I need to eliminate the choice, and stick to early. Earlier always feels better. Seriously, I never ever regret getting moving first thing in the morning. It feels amazing, and makes the rest of the day better. And, great job commuting on your bike! Right on. And yes, ride during the safe times. : ) Great to hear from you, friend. Take care!

  3. I hear you! Cute clothes can always make a workout feel less like, well a workout :). I love the saying “moving your body is loving your body.” Some days my motivation for my workout is some chocolate later (or making up for the donut already consumed). I also try to keep in mind my ultimate goal and know that to reach that it will take one workout at a time. Unfortunately, it won’t come magically! #ifonlyitdid

    • I am in the same boat with motivation, and sometimes it’s to work off the donut or whatever I ate too much of, but luckily, I am getting better, and having this perspective has absolutely been a huge part of it. I do it all, all the healthy eating and moving etc etc to love my body, and my body rewards me for it. We’re good pals. ; ) LOL You’re awesome. Keep it up! #fitfamlove

  4. Your pictures are so good! I love fun workout clothes. I need to get some shirts with fun sayings on them. Imagine laying them out the night before and looking forward to putting one on — it would definitely motivate me!

    • Megan, I was thinking the exact same thing while I was writing my post. Having my clothes laid out would be so motivating. I have some shirts with motivating sayings, and I love them….especially when I am checking my form in the mirror, and I can read them again. It’s such a great reminder. I remember one time doing a tough round of squats, and reading my shirt, ‘Never Never Never Give Up.’ It really helped! : ) Take care!

  5. I love the spin you put on it! :]! I’m definitely with ya in that getting started can sometimes be the hardest part! My motivation mainly stems from the fact that I want to be a badass (heh 😀 ) and because I’d like to lead by example! I love your pictures! :]

    • I love your spin on motivation! The idea of feeling tough and awesome is totally motivating, and something I don’t think about too often…..until now! Thanks for that! And, you are such a tremendous example. You motivate me every time. : ) #fitfamlove

  6. LOL! I got a selfie stick for my birthday, my stepmom said I couldn’t be a real blogger without one! Getting started is the hard part- I love it when I have a new something to wear or try out or a new post shake to try- can’t try all that without getting the workout in! Great post Jessica!

    • Yes, the selfie stick! LOL. I won mine. It’s such a great tool, but I have to get over feeling like a narcissist if I am to use it. ‘It’s for blogging and documentation,’ I will tell myself. : ) And, I agree about having something NEW to keep up the motivation. That’s SOOO true. New trails or paths inspire and motivate me, and new clothes feel GREAT! Thanks MB

    • Love to hear that, Melanie! You have it all planned out. And, your running streak is extremely inspiring. Cheers to that! : )

  7. Progress and simply THAT feeling are my biggest motivators to move. I’m fortunate that I don’t have the to workout or not debate with myself very often. It’s just a natural part of everyday life. Boom!

    Much #fitfamlove xoxo

    • LOL! Yes, the selfie stick. I was running out of fitness props for the photos. haha. And I completely agree with the tops that have fun sayings. Those ones are my fave…except I have a few that are specific to the day of the week, and I tend to wear them on the wrong day. tehe. Take care, Bri!

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