Natural Zit Zappers

Happy Tuesday, Ladies! Sending some love and good vibes your way. Jill and I have been collaborating on the upcoming Fit Dish topics (you’re going to love next week’s), and just that alone really perked up my inspiration. We love this community and the guaranteed fitspiration that comes with it.

Today’s optional topic is, ‘Natural Beauty.’ Honestly, I think being loving, generous, strong, empathetic, and supportive are qualities that make women BEAUTIFUL. And, don’t you love being around women like that? A true beauty makes others feel more beautiful about themselves, not less.

Feeling confident about ourselves helps us shine, which allows us to better help others. But, when ya have a big zit on yur face, let’s face it, you kind of wish it was normal to wear a bag on your head. Obviously that’s weird, so you may avoid talking or looking at people.

We deserve and need to feel confident to be our best selves.

Over the past several months, I have been trying out natural zit zappers. Not only do they work much better than any over-the-counter products I have used, but they’re cheaper and chemical-free. And now, I get to share them with you!


Use these after washing and drying your face.

Natural Zit Zapper 1: Tea Tree Oil

Take a cue-tip, dip it lightly in tea tree oil, and apply to blemish. For best results, leave on overnight and you’ll wake up to much smoother skin.

Option: If you’re new to tea tree oil, try diluting it in a little water – a little bit goes a long way.

I found my tea tree oil at Grocery Outlet for $2.99.  But, it will run about $5 at health food stores. Since it’s going on your face, I would suggest buying organic. This may seem expensive, but compared to other over-the-counter zit zapping products, it’s very reasonable. Plus, it can be used for other things and it will last a long time.

Zit Zapper 2: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Like the tea tree oil, dip a cue-tip in the apple cider vinegar, and dab it on your blemish before you go to bed. Any zits will be smaller, less red, and less inflamed in the morning. Thanks ACV (apple cider vinegar).

Option: For sensitive skin, dilute it in some water. I use a 1/1 ratio.

Zit Zapper 3: Lemon & Honey Facial

Slice a lemon in half, drizzle the inside with 1/2 teaspoon of raw honey, and rub it all over your face – it may be a little drippy, so don’t squeeze the lemon too hard. Allow to sit for 5 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Honey helps restore moisture to your face, and the lemon juice zaps zits.

I discovered this recipe in Lorna Jane’s book, ‘MORE,’ and I was a bit skeptical. But, I tried it months ago and it has become a favorite of mine.

It’s easy, it smells great, and my skin looks and feels amazing in the morning. I do this once a week or so, or whenever I have been lazy about my skincare and my face needs some extra TLC. It’s an ultimate face refresher.

I know you’re going to love these. Seriously, these have been life-improvers for me. The Fit Switch is all about simplifying healthy living in order to make it sustainable and realistic.  These recipes are quick, cheap, and use common ingredients. Easy peasy. Cheers to happier skin. 

Questions for the day

  • Do you have any favorite natural beauty products or items?
  • Have you ever rubbed a lemon on your face?
  • How do you zap zits, or are you just zit free these days?
  • Do you feel more confident when your skin is clear?
  • Has anyone ever called out one of your blemishes?

Much love, beauties!

Jessica Joy

Next week’s optional topic:flat self

Here’s an example of what we’re talking about.friyay

There is something so inspiring about seeing a workout outfit, laid out, ready to be lived in! Show us your favorite gear by laying it out flat, and snapping some overhead pictures. Have fun, and get creative. P.S. These become great photos for your Instagram.

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23 Responses to Natural Zit Zappers

  1. I haven’t heard of any of these three for zit zapping & I love that I have all of them in my house right now!

    Zits are the worst as an adult & I’ve had my fair share of them. Children don’t spare any feelings and often will point them out. Reese isn’t old enough to do that yet, but I’ve multiple friends’ kids ask about the “boo boo” or what’s wrong with your face. It’s mortifying & hilarious all at the same time.

    • I love that they’re common ingredients…that’s why I gave them a shot! Chad totes called out a mondo zit I had, and it was in front of his whole family. oi! That’s so funny that they ask about your ‘boo boo.’ WHat happened Mommy? Uh…. I feel ya!

  2. I love raw ACV. I use it for almost every single form of skin trauma. I also use it to clean! Another great zit zapper is raw potato — you feel incredibly odd holding the inside of a potato skin to your face — but it’s amazing!

    • Raw potato?! No way. I have never heard of that, but can’t wait to try. I can def understand why that would feel odd. LOL. And ACV, ah man, so versatile. I am loving that stuff lately. I make a little drink/concoction with it. Mmmmm. Chad thinks it’s gross though. haha

  3. This all new to me! My duaghter is a pre-teen and unfortunately inherited my husband’s acne it seems. Luckily, it seems fo be only on her back and not her face. We wikl try these suggestions before we move to other things. It’s so tough! 🙁

    • Acne is completely unfair. I have gone through stages of smooth to speckled all over. I absolutely love these remedies, and to be honest, I just started trying them a few months ago. But with the great results, I had to share. : ) Good luck!

  4. Awesome tips! I’m going to have to try the lemon-honey facial! And I missed the topic for this week, but I still shared my post!

    Also, how do I get your ebook? Since I am already signed up/subscribed to your blog I still haven’t been able to get it! Would love to get it though! So happy for you and launching that!

    • Yes, the lemon-honey facial is awesome. And…I didn’t want to mention this in the post, but sometimes the mixture will kinda drip onto your mouth, and it tastes so good. Bahaha….yes, totally disgusting, but it’s just a little taste, I am not licking it off my face. lol. ANd thanks for the eBook reminder. I have been working on getting that sorted out, and will get it to you ASAP! : ) #fitfamlove

  5. Love the all natural approach to skin care and product.s I use it as often as I can. MORE is a wealth of information and inspiration. You rocked the updated images Jess. So fun!

    • Jill, I am new to all natural approach, and everything works better and I know is better for me. WIN/WIN. Oh, and cheaper. Haha. So happy you like the images. I LOVE THEM!!! : )

  6. I loved this theme! 😀 + yay for all your suggestions! I’ve tried all of these in the past, and love em’ all, haha. Lemon helps to brighten my face (+ I love citrus scents, so win-win!), and tea tree oil is great for improving scars! :]

    Next week’s theme looks like a lot of fun! 😀 I was imagining 2D pixelated versions of ourselves (guess who’s a big Super Nintendo fan? >_> ) before I saw the example!

    • I LOVE citrus scents too! Oh my goodness, gimme some tangerine or grapefruit smells and I am so happy. I have definitely lathered myself in grapefruit body butter several times. Mmmm.

      Glad I added an image with the explanation. Jill and I didn’t quite know what to title it other than ‘flat self.’ LOL. And, love how your mind works. So FUNNY!!!

  7. THANKFULLY my healthy diet really kicks acne’s ass!! And I have to also give it up to glycolic acid… But I remember way back when, when acne kicked my ass… Tea Tree Oil was a staple in my bathroom cabinet!

    • Gigi, you need to make that first sentence into a health meme! SO QUOTABLE, I’ll probably tweet it. AHahaha. I love your healthy diet, it inspires me all the time. : )

    • Amy, you’re going to LOVE that facial. It’s so easy, cheap and refreshing. I always intend to do fancier facials, but I never do. THis one, cut a lemon, add some honey and whoosh whoosh. I can commit to that. LOL. Great to hear from you, Lovely. : )

    • Oooh yes, brown sugar and coconut feel soooo good. Thanks for the reminder. And, the honey/lemon facial does not disappoint. I love that thing, and now I buy a lemon once a week, just for that. : ) Plus, it’s a ‘recipe’ you can just memorize. EASY. Hope you try it! Great to hear from you, Kate! PS, we almost named my daughter, Kate.

  8. My grandmother used to smear fresh lemon on my face when I was a kid- it was supposed to fade freckles 🙁 my old favorite zit zapper was the old school toothpaste- dried it right up!

    • LOL. I bet you hated it. The honey def sweetens it up. : ) And, I LOVE freckles. Aijah is starting to get some on her nose and cheeks, and I think they’re beautiful. I forgot about the toothpaste technique. Good one! #fitfamlove

  9. I use Tea Tree Oil on my zits too. The smell takes some getting used to, but it really does work! I think I’ve used every product out there as I have struggled with acne nearly my entire life. Right now I use Murad Skin Clearing Solution and it is really effective as an all over treatment. For spot treatment, I still use the tea tree. Great post!

  10. I had awful acne in college and eventually did way of accutane so it’s mostly under control now. I wish I had known about tea tree oil sooner! I started using it a few years ago and love it.

    • I just learned about tea tree oil, Lauren, and gosh, every one should know about it! Glad you discovered it, and have gotten your skin to a happy place. : ) Great to hear from you! Thanks for visiting. #fitfamlove

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