How To Stretch While Getting Stuff Done

Hi beautiful, lovely, oh-so-fierce, rad-mamma jammas!

Today, I’m showin’ hows ta fit mo’ stretchin’ into that radtastic life of yours. Yowz- suh.

STRETCHING – You may be wondering…

Why should I stretch, and how do I even make time for one more healthy ‘supposed-to’ do?

Lovelies, stretching is a big must-do, and I am guilty of not understanding its importance until recently, as I’ve been studying for my NASM Personal Training Certification. Most information for this post is sourced from my mondo textbook.

Why You Should Give A Rip About Stretching

The primary, overall picture is that inflexibility is a BIG DOMINO that ultimately leads to injury, like-a so.

  1. Tight muscles lead to —->
  2. Muscle imbalances which lead to —->
  3. Poor posture which lead to —->
  4. Improper movement which leads to —->


If you neglect stretching long enough, your body will respond in 1 to 3 ways

  1. Altered-Length Tension Relationship – meaning, when specific muscles should be the same length, one becomes shortened, and another lengthened.
  2. Altered Force-Couple Relationships – meaning, where certain muscles should be the dominant power source for a movement, another muscle has to take over because of muscle imbalance.
  3. Altered Arthokinematics – meaning altered joint motion, where due to muscle imbalance, your joints can no longer move in the proper range of motion.

After studying flexibility training, I started to recognizing all the muscle imbalances creating poor posture in many people around me – hunched shoulders, anterior pelvic tilts (exaggerated low-back arch), and various distortions. I also started noticing my own! I tend to track my knees inward when performing a squat, and I round my shoulders often (especially in plank).



Here’s the rub. Static stretches need to be held for at least 30 seconds in order to increase flexibility and correct muscle imbalances. And, 1-3 sets are recommended.


In short, there are opposite receptors in our bodies. One set of receptors, the muscle spindles, tell our muscles to tighten when they’ve reach a point of tension -this is good, we don’t want to tear anything, but our muscles need to relax if they’re going to lengthen (increase range of motion), and that’s where the golgi tendon organ comes in. This set of receptors tells the muscles to relax, so that they can lengthen. Our body initially reacts to the tension on the muscle but tightening up, and it takes about 30 seconds for the golgi tendon organs to override the muscle spindles, and relax the muscles.


I know, right? Not only are we supposed to fit in a workout, but now we have to hold each stretch for 30 seconds to avoid muscle imbalances?

Yes. But, as always, we are focusing on solutions, NOT PROBLEMS. We can make this do-able, and happily sustainable, because it truly is.

Sidenote: There are three types of stretching, STATIC, ACTIVE & DYNAMIC. We are discussing STATIC stretching, because it’s required to increase flexibility. The others are ideal for pre and post-workout prep and recovery, and more suited for people without or with resolved muscle imbalances. Start with static stretching and foam rolling, and move forward from there.



Despite how it may seem, I am a firm believer in being present, but sometimes, you have to get two things done at once. To me, multi-tasking makes sense is when one thing is more passive (possibly busy work), and the other thing is much more mind engaging. (example: cleaning while listening to podcasts, walking the dog while talking on the phone).

I use these stretches, in this way, almost every day. In fact, as I am typing now, I am on a yoga mat in pigeon pose, lengthening my hip-flexors and glutes. When I don’t stretch regularly, I feel the difference in my daily life, and in my workouts – I can feel a decreased range of motion, my muscles feel tighter and shorter (and I feel shorter in height!), and most movements are less comfortable.

By stretching while accomplishing stuff (planning, writing, communicating, scheduling etc), I can fit a lot more flexibility training into my life. Countless post-workouts at the gym, I feel guilty leaving the kids in the daycare any longer, and tell myself I will stretch at home, but rarely do. My body was becoming tighter and tighter. Now, with just 10 minutes of ‘multi-stretching,’ my lower body feels so much better, my range of motion has improved, and my form with all activities is better. No injuries here. Here are my faves…

Occasionally taking breaks to be silly is highly encouraged. Just get back on track after 5-10 minutes. And hey, lengthen your glutes while you’re at it. ; ) Aijah found me. Hi Boo Boo!

IMPORTANT NOTE: With many of these stretches, it can be easy to hunch your shoulders and/or round your back. If maintaining good posture in these positions for a long time is not yet do-able for you, only hold the stretch for 30 seconds, and move on. Once done, change to a seated or standing position. You don’t want to be lengthening one muscle, while tightening another. #silly

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Questions for the day

  • How do you fit in stretching?
  • Do you need to increase your flexibility training?
  • What’s your favorite stretch?
  • How do you feel after a good stretch?

Much love, Jessica Joy

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24 Responses to How To Stretch While Getting Stuff Done

    • I know! I was in the same boat. I even came up with a set of ‘lazy-girl stretches,’ that can be done while lying down, but even then…I am generally only lying down in bed, and when I am in bed, I don’t want to do anything but veg! Haha. So, this is the perfect solution. HURRAH! Always great to hear from you, Brie. Have an awesome week. Xx

    • Hey Gorgeous! Great work stretching while watching TV! We tend to watch TV in the bedroom, where our huge King bed takes up most of the space. I know TV should be off limits in the bedroom, but our bed is like a cloud, and at the end of the day, that’s all I want. lol. And, it feels SO good to sneak in some stretching here or there, and this laptop stretches make it very convenient. : ) Thanks for visiting! #fitfamlove

  1. Great post Jess! I’m guilty of not stretching enough. When I do stretch, I’m almost always multitasking.

    Thanks for hosting the link up!

    • Yes, stretching is the first thing to fall of the plate for me – it’s just so easy to pass off, because you want to move on to other things! So, let’s multitask the heck out of it! Haha. And, I love hosting this link-up – it’s truly a joy because of you amazing ladies. Take care, Aimee Xx

  2. So, I just got done reading a chapter of #GirlBoss and before I read I thought ‘ What would Jess do?” – stretch while reading! I’ve been so tight that past couple days and I am feeling blah today, so I am being lazy about doing yoga! Such a good idea to stretch this way. And nice knowledge bombs – I remember studying all that for my CPT exam!!

    • Ah haha. Such an awesome comment! WW Jess Do? lol. I think that too with people!!! I have def asked myself, WW Lorna Jane Do? Haha. And, I loved reading #girlboss – I read it on the elliptical while doing intervals. Haha. That girl is fierce and I LOVE IT. She makes no excuses! And, I always want to do yoga, and I let other things take priority – trying to fit it in ALL THE TIME. Great job stretching to help alleviate the blahs. I honestly get the blahs a lot, but finding some me-time does wonders! And, awesome peeps like you. Much love, Jen! Xx

    • Kate, it’s so easy to neglect stretching. Even though I love it, I still neglect it. So…hopefully now you can blog & stretch simultaneously. My lower bod is much happier now, and my jumps are even better. #bonus Haha

  3. Becoming a more dedicated stretcher is one of my goals!!! I am improving though all of my stretching is multi-tasking stretching like you showed above 🙂 Kids love to join in! Great post, Jessica! #fitfamlove

    • Amy, we had the same goals! That’s one of these reasons I was so determined to fit in stretching! ARGGGG. haha Yes, and kids love to join, but my dog loves to steal my mat…as seen on IG. Oi. Have fun and take care! Xx

    • The foam roller!!! Oh, that thing is SO good for you, but yeah, taking time away from it makes it a bit painful upon return. I remember the first time using it, I was sure I was doing it wrong. NOpe, it’s supposed to hurt if you’re tight. haha. As for multi-tasking, NO WORRIES. I only advocate certain kinds of multi-tasking, because really, I brain can only do 1 thing at a time, and we’re just switching between things when we’re doing two. But, like I said in the post, certain activities can be combined when one takes primary focus, and the other takes much less attention. I LOVE listening to podcasts while I clean and get ready, just for that reason. : ) #fitfamlove And, your blog header is awesome. AND, it looks like you’re not on IG. Is that right? Don’t want to miss you!

    • Mary Beth, I have been meaning to start stretching in bed before getting up – it sounds heavenly. Can’t thank you enough for the reminder! GAH! Bravo fitting in the yoga too – such valuable time. I am hoping to go to a class SOON. Love them. Cheers! Xx

  4. hehehe, I’m all about multi-tasking too! I tend to do a lot of stretching when I’m studying. 😛 Pigeon is definitely one of my favorites!

    • Oh Pigeon, so lovely on the hip flexors and booty. I honestly walk taller after a good stretch/work session. Ha! And, I LOVE the gleeful laugh about multi-tasking. You’re awesome. #fitfamlove

  5. I neglected to stretch for more years than I can remember.
    Only after becoming a Personal Trainer myself is that I realized how important it really was.
    Lovely info, Jessica. And thanks for the link party!

    • Ha, sounds like we’re in the same boat about the life-changing benefits of becoming a PT. Knowledge is power, and you have a great way of sharing the wealth! Thanks for joining Debbie! I love getting to know you, and your arms?! Whew! #killingit

    • I understand ditching multi-tasking – I only do it in certain instances, and that’s all. Other than that, we’re all much for effective, efficient and happy be present and focused with one thing. Stretching feels amazing, and I always would tell myself, ‘I’ll stretch tonight,’ but every time, I just wanted to veg by the end of the day. So luckily, I have found something that helps me fit in much more flexibility training. Cheers to that! : ) #fitfamlove Your new site is gorgeous and very easy to navigate. BRAVO and congrats! So exciting!

  6. Awesome post. Creative take on the need to stretch, proof that there really is no excuse for NOT stretching! ALSO, love dem tights.

    • Tara, it’s so great to hear from you! Getting flashbacks to Blogfest! Yep, I don’t believe in focusing on excuses – it’s a depressing time-waster. I def believe in simplifying though. But, once you find what’s important and valuable for your best life, you focus on solutions. And, dem tights….TARGET. OMGOODNESS, for realz! ha! Xx Miss you lady!

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