Finding Your Power Symbol

Hello friends. It’s so great to see you ’cause life is better when we feed off each others’ energy and good vibes. Feed off? Hmmm, sounds vampire-y. Well, Happy Halloween too!  And remember, never settle for average candy – only eat what you absolutely love, when you really want it (not just when it’s around). You’re better than average, waxy candy. Now, an amazing piece of dark chocolate on the other hand…       Seriously, that stuff blows my mind sometimes.

This week’s optional Fit Dish topic is Halloween inspired. Jill and I decided to discuss our Workout Alter Ego’s – ya know, similar to being in costume or being a different character. Feelin’ it? #heckyes

What person, animal or thing do you want to be like during your workout?! Having a symbol or person to think about when you need to dial-things-in, can dramatically increase your focus, and can be powerful during your whole day, not just exercise time.

I have competing alter egos. I call them THE JAGUAR and THE MOUSE.

Fitness has helped me bring out The Jaguar, but The Mouse is still there, lurking in its little hidy hole. Here’s what I mean.

My MOUSE side

One side of me is extremely passive and complacent. That side of me I consider mouse-like: content to play small, go-with-the-flow, and sometimes be so passive, that I mentally play the victim and let everyone or everything else win over my goals.

Then, there is my JAGUAR side

The other side of me is fierce, strategic and strong. I am independent, take charge, and take responsibility for gettin’ it doooone. I attack life. I am choosy about what I am willing to trade my time and effort – aka MY LIFE – for. Victim? Heck no. I create and design my life. The only way I am victim, is when I let someone else make me one.

Fitness and being proactive, brings out The Jaguar. Being stagnant and lazy brings out The Mouse.

Using the idea of these animal alter-egos/avatars, allows me to better recognize which one is out to play. Obviously, I want to bring The Jaguar out much more often, but The Mouse can get a lil sneaky sneaky, if I’m off my game.

We are all multi-dimensional, and various characteristics of ourselves can be brought to the forefront, or they can be repressed. I think it’s vitally important, if we are to live our best lives, that we consciously decide who we want to be, and which characteristics we want to truly embody, otherwise, we tend to live at the whim of our emotions.

A while back, I made an acronym for the characteristics I want to be. It reads, ‘FED-UH,’ which conveniently sounds like: FETA. Oooh, get in my kale salad. Gotta love a solid mnemonic device.

  • F – focused (highly present in the moment)
  • E – energized (I take care of my body to maintain my high energy)
  • D – determined (I focus on solutions, not problems)
  • U – uplifting (I help others feel good about themselves, and inspire them to live greatly)
  • H – high performing (if I am going to do something, I am going to rock it)

In Brendon Burchard’s, ‘6 Questions to High Performance,’ his second question is in regards to psychology. He asks us to ask ourselves frequently,

‘Am I living my truth?’ Meaning, am I living in line with my highest self? Who do I truly want to be, and am I living in congruence with that?

Like I said, we are multi-dimensional. None of us are like just one animal or thing – we are many things. BUT, we must consciously choose to bring out our best and highest qualities, and not settle for less.

In my case, sometimes playing The Mouse, is much more comfortable. It’s the easy route – it requires little energy and guts. But, is that ‘living my truth?’ Is that choosing to be my highest self? No. I am not saying I have to be an active, fierce jaguar all the time (they sleep and rest too), but being a timid and passive mouse would be me giving into the qualities I don’t choose to be. I CHOOSE THE JAGUAR.


  1. What characteristics do you want to embody?
  2. What animal, thing or even person, exemplifies those to you?
  3. Would you rather use an image or an acronym for a symbol?


After answering those questions, you can develop a your power symbol – whether that’s an animal, thing, person (initials), characteristics in an acronym etc. I LOVE symbols – it’s the English major in me. They are personal and secret.

For example, no one is going to know why you have FEDUH written on your notebook or, why you have jaguars on everything, or better yet, why you have an, ‘I am not a mouse,’ as a quote in your house. Bahaha, it’s on my vision board. But, whatever your symbol, that’s your bidness and theys bees cluesless.

Once you have your secret symbol of power, start putting it physically in your life so you are reminded of it often, until it’s a mental habit. Where?power symbol

  • Draw it on your notebooks
  • Get some charms to put on your jewelry (they sell practically anything in a charm. And, say no to the cupcake and donut charms. Talk about asking for cravings.)
  • Put it on your vision board
  • Make some art
  • Get a keychain
  • Digital wallpaper


Who you decide you want to be affects all your decisions. Although this is a fun post that can be viewed as a little silly, it has tremendous power to affect your daily life, your mindset, and your actions.

You must have clarity about who you want to be. The more clear you can be on your goals, the faster and more likely you will reach them. Deciding on a symbol, or alter-ego for yourself, brings clarity. And, if you surround yourself with it, you set yourself up to make changes and be consistent. Habits take time to make, and a symbol is a habit trigger. Purrrrfect. 

NEXT WEEK’S OPTIONAL TOPICstretching routine

Questions For The Day?

  • Do you compare yourself to any animals?
  • What characteristics do you want to embody?
  • How to you live up to your higher qualities?
  • Do you have a power symbol?


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18 Responses to Finding Your Power Symbol

    • Wendy, I absolutely loved your post – you really dove into it, and took us on the journey through your head! And although you identify with Mrs. Kravitz, I am sure you identify with several characters! The question is, who else? lol. Joy in the journey, friend. You’re a stud. #fitfamlove

    • YOU are awesome, Amanda. Yes, the acronym is so helpful when I feel off my game, or not myself. It helps me call up the attributes I want to focus on, and organizing the letters to make it a word, makes it easy to remember. I def recommend it! Take care. : )

  1. This was a fun topic to read about! I would identify with a horse (preferably the hunt seat/english horses – not a short, fat pony!) or a deer.

    The agility and swiftness of a deer sticks in my mind from Psalm 18:33, “He makes me as surefooted as a deer, enabling me to stand on mountain heights.” They are so graceful and their movements are so fluid!

    • I love those animal avatars for you! Right on. It is really fun to think about. Once I compared my hubs to a zebra, and he didn’t appreciate it. LOL. I just meant that he was fun and athletic at the same time. But still, not quite the right fit for his masculine self. lol. And, that Psalm is beautiful!

    • #fitfamlove is my fave! Oh my goodness, the fitfam rocks my life. lol. So grateful for our community! Loves. : )

  2. I must be at least a little bit tired, haha. I read mouse as moose at first glance! 😛 I get ya on having competing alter egos though! I feel like I have that as well, both in working out, and in life in general! It makes for a better balance, although on certain days, one definitely wins over the other! 😛

    I think my spirit animal is probably a cat. My brother tells me I’m more likely a turtle, “of the snapping variety.” :[ (He says it’s because I’m stubborn and somewhat methodical in my ways/tend to hermit it up when I’m stressed out, and that I have rather healthy life habits so I’ll probably live a long time, hahaha.)

    • Farrah, it’s true – some days different ‘avatars’ rule, and that’s okay, as long as we’re okay with it. : ) That’s so funny your brother compared you to a snapping turtle! Now that you mention all those traits they are related to, I am part snapping turtle too! haha. Take care, friend. : ) Hope you’re getting enough sleep!

  3. I love the idea of the power symbols, very powerful. When my GF moved to Phoenix last year it was tough so when I went out last December to visit her new home and run the Hot Chocolate race I bought us matching Alex and Ani bracelets- the Phoenix, the symbol of new beginnings. I love putting it on as reminder each day is a new beginning! Great post!

    • Thanks for sharing that story! That would be sooo hard – I have several friends who I have witnessed having to move away from each other. Argggg. But, what an amazing memory with that race, and so lovely how you cherish it with the bracelets. And a Phoenix? That is mega powerful. Right on!

  4. I’m so figuring out my power symbol and getting some fun stickers or art for my notebooks. I recently won a passion planner, I have a feeling it will soon take over there as well. My motto is to create the life I want to live instead of waiting for it to happen! Pretty sure that makes me a unicorn 🙂

    • Ahhh…so jelly about winning a passion planner. I need to upgrade planners, MAJOR. And, I absolutely LOVE your motto. I completely agree and identify with it. And, rock that unicorn! Or maybe….you’re even a unisus (flying unicorn!!!!) LOL. Have an awesome day, Sam! #fitfamlove

  5. This is amazing and quite inspiring! I feel like I can relate to your alter-ego animals, especially the mouse. I just tend to be like that naturally. I definitely want to work on going outside my comfort zone and taking charge though. Creating a power symbol seems like a great way to stay focused and work on who you want to be.

    • I am so happy you really understood what I was trying to get across, and can even identify with it. Yes, I def have those two competing sides, who actually tend to come out at fairly predictable times, so I schedule around it! HA, the morning, the jaguar is out 100%…but the afternoon, I am a mouse. And, if I didn’t get much done before then, the mouse is loud. Haha. So, I focus on being very productive the first half of the morning. In the evening, I need to get my body moving, or get out, if I want the jaguar to come back, and sometimes I have to force myself to do it. But, it seriously always works. I need that jaguar wake-up call. : ) I am excited for you to find your alter-ego animal/avatar! Go get ’em!

  6. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this, Jess. LOVE! I definitely have a mouse and jaguar side, for sure. I always want to be the jaguar! 🙂 I’m doing business coaching right now and really try to dream big for my business and myself. I resonated with this so much – I can’t even put it into good words! 🙂

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