10 Books To Make You Stronger, Healthier & Thinner FOR LIFE

Books, in reality, are an opportunity to have a conversation with an expert on any topic.

Do we not all want to know how to improve our lives with more health, happiness, energy, success, love etc? Do we not all want achieve our own versions of success? Books (the knowledge of others) allow us to ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’ – to bypass learning through our own experiences and learn through others. We can catapult out knowledge and expertise every day, in the comfort of our own beds (or fave chairs), by simply reading from the best books. Even as an English major, I don’t consider myself biased about the power of books. Yet, reading is often neglected.

I challenge you to replace 15 minutes of media time with reading. Pick valuable, non-fiction books, and see how your mentality and life starts to change. These 10 book below are a great place to start.

10 Books That Will Make You Stronger, Healthier & Thinner FOR LIFE

Re-Awaken The Giant Within ~ Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a famous master on behavior change.  Most people just give instructions on how to change, but Tony explains the reasoning behind it all – what we do, and WHY we do it. This book demonstrates how to upgrade the standards in your life, and give you proven methods to help you achieve your ideal reality. You will honestly re-wire your brain with this book.

By the way, it’s currently a FREE DOWNLOAD! I printed mine up, and read it while on the elliptical. Whenever I reread it, my focus and effectiveness is honed. #noexcuses. This is my #1 recommendation.

MORE of the Fit Woman’s Secrets ~Lorna Jane Clarkson

Get inside the head of Lorna Jane Clarkson’s, ‘Move, Nourish, Believe,’ lifestyle philosophy. How does she think? Live? Find balance? Do it all? Maintain a six-pack happily at 50 years old? She spills it all in her ever-positive fashion.

If I’m ever in a fitness funk, I pull this out. Her healthy lifestyle draws you in, making you wonder why you would ever settle for less. The images are gorgeous, and it offers bonus recipes too.

Power Of Habit ~Charles Duhigg

Our lives, for the most part, are governed by our habits. What we achieve, how we live, and how we consistently feel, are just a few of the major players ruled by our habits. This well-researched book not only explains how habits are formed, how they work and how to re-wire them, but it’s all done in a very entertaining way.

Prepare to learn a lot about your brain, your current patterns (good and bad), and how you can overwrite any bad habit.

Run! 26.2 Stories of Blisters and Bliss ~ Dean Karnazes

What does the world’s most famous ultra-marathoner think while running hundreds of miles? Dean Karnazes, known to his friends as, Karno, will change your perspective on what it means to be tough.  I gifted to this to runner friend of mine, because it offers tremendous perspective on pushing yourself to your ultimate potential. So often, we think we are pushing ourselves, but really, we’re still pretty comfortable. If you need more mental toughness and tenacity, you this a must-read. And, it’s extremely fun and interesting.

Naturally Thin ~ Bethenny Frankel

You may roll your eyes at Bethenny Frankel, but this book offers concrete takeaway value on how to live diet-free, while staying thin, for life. In it, she shares her 10 rules that she lives by every day. You will learn how to calm the food noise, enjoy food more, and how to eat what you want while maintaining your weight. She has mastered how to feel zero deprivation – making being thin absolutely sustainable and enjoyable. I re-read this one when cravings are yelling. ; )

All-Day Energy Diet ~ Yuri

Yuri owns the subject of energy optimization. Using science-based research, he teaches simple ways you can maximize your energy, and the common pitfalls many of us are falling for. Best of all, you can implement the information immediately, and you will also reap the rewards immediately. I am forcing Chad to read this one. Not reading this, is well, just stupid unwise.

Tone It Up. 28 Days to Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous ~Karena Dawn & Katrina Scott

Karena and Katrina beam with health and female empowerment. What I love about this book is that walks you through how to evolve into a confident, fabulous, and generous woman by giving you a set of daily challenges for 28 days that include a workout challenge, food of the day, ‘fierce challenge,’ and ‘fabulous challenge.’ It’s so much more than your cookie-cutter diet book. Often, we are stuck in negative thinking about ourselves and/or healthy lifestyles, and their book is the ultimate dropkick for that. Confession: I bought this book, thinking I would return in it, but there was no way I was going to that after reading it.

Brain Over Binge. Why I Was Bulimic, Why Conventional Therapy Didn’t Work, and How I Recovered For Good  ~ Kathryn Hansen

Many of us, myself included, can struggle with overeating because we’re bombarded with highly-palatable, addicting food. Although overeating and binging are different, this book is one woman’s story about how she overcame her binge-eating disorder and bulimia in an abrupt way, after struggling for over 12 years (even with years of therapy). She always told herself, if she learned how to overcome binging, she would share it. There are extremely valuable takeaways from this book, that will give you tools to end binging, which can easily be applied to overeating. Plus, it gives you empathy for everyone who struggles with food.

The Secret ~ Rhonda Byrne

I’m going to spill ‘The Secret.’ This book is about the Law Of Attraction, teaching you how what you think and believe will be attracted to you. It’s mostly a combination of quotes, curated by the author, and is divided into topics, like wealth, love, health, etc. Reading this will help you uncover your patterns of thought, and how they are serving you, for better or worse, and give you the tools to harness your thoughts and beliefs to get whatever you want in life. Until you believe you can do something, you’re set up for failure. You will learn how to visualize the person you want to be, and become that person.

Master Your Metabolism ~ Jillian Michaels

This book does a great job explaining how metabolism and hormones work, how they are damaged or improved, and how we can use this knowledge to maintain a great physique in a time-efficient way. There is a lot of confusion about what is healthy and what’s not, and unfortunately, doing and or/eating the wrong things can sabotage your physique goals, or make them much harder to reach. A huge part of health is understanding the endocrine system (think hormones system), and Jillian breaks it down in an easy-to-understand way, allowing you to make educated decisions on what you eat, how you move, and minimizing stress to your body.

Honestly, I never regret reading a book. You don’t have to read books word for word (I skim first, and then go back if I think it’s worth it), just filling your mind with new perspectives, ideas and research will help equip you with knowledge on how you want to live, and how to do it effectively every day.

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Questions For Your Lovely Self

  • What books do you recommend? Any big life-changers?
  • Have you read any of these?
  • When and where do you like to read?
  • How do you fit reading into your life?

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18 Responses to 10 Books To Make You Stronger, Healthier & Thinner FOR LIFE

    • That’s exactly what I thought when I read your list of books! As for the skimming, it’s really helpful. I gives you an overall picture of the book, setting up a framework first. It’s great to helping remember things later. : )

  1. oooohhh, can’t wait to try out some of these books, Jess. I just told Jill I need to make more time to read and you just throw out a challenge to read 15 minutes/day! I’m going to take you up on it. I’ve been scheduling some personal/biz development time into my schedule the past few weeks and I usually do podcasts. I’m whipping out the books today – work on finishing up #girlboss!

    • Girlboss! So fun! If you’re already listening to podcasts, you’re going to love the additional depth of books – they give people opportunities to share bigger nuggets of wisdom, in a more ogranized way than just an interview. But often, before I read a book, I will listen to YouTube interviews on it, because it gives me a great idea of what’s ahead. As for finding time…think of one thing you do that you don’t love, and replace it. : ) #fitfamlove Jen!!!

    • GRRrrreat read! I never thought of that comparison! What a great though! I def believe great habits will lead you to make the best choices, when willpower has run ouy (it’s been proven to be finite). My personal goal, is to plan and strategize my life so well, I minimize any need for willpower, because I genuinely want everything i am doing, and I have built habits around them. #fitfamlove Lovely!

    • LOL! I completely understand the dilemma. And, I firmly believe you should only read books you LOVE and/or will help you the most because really, there is no reason to settle for less. There is no scarcity with books. haha. Take care, Wendy!

  2. I like the idea of replacing some media time with reading actual books! :] I need to check out Power of Habit (I am definitely a creature of habit, so I feel like it’d be especially helpful!). I’m pretty sure All-Day Energy Diet would be all sorts of relevant to my life too! And Tone It Up! + The Secret! (Clearly, I’m pretty much going to be adding your entire list to my to-read list. <3) Thanks so much for the suggestions!

    • You’re making me smile, Farrah! Yes, we are all so busy, the only way to fit in reading is replacing something we already do. But, reading more, if we read high-quality books, helps us live life better, so that 15 minutes is a great investment. But, you already know! The power of habit is a life changer. Def rec. : ) Xx

    • Oh Mary Beth, the LJ book is the perfect pick-me-up whenever I need one. It’s so inspiring. It would be a great thing to put on your Christmas list if you’re an LJ fan. I am getting her latest book LJInspired for my bday in a few days, and am so excited! I know it’s going to be my new fave thing. And, it’s all good to go in reading spurts, just keeping seeking books that excite you. Often we stop because we can’t find the next one. : ) #fitfamloveforever

  3. I need to read The Secret. I have so many books on my iPad. I generally read 2 at the same time, but because I’m following some courses, I haven’t been touching any the past weeks.
    Thanks for the tips and for the opportunity to share our links.

    • The Secret really changed my way of thinking. I didn’t read it word for word – it wasn’t necessary. I actually even watched (more like listened to) the movie while I was cleaning my kitchen to solidfy some of the concepts (three cheers for the lirbary! haha). I realized how I was bringing negative things into my life, by thinking negatively about certain things. Great way increasing your mental awareness factor. : ) And, we ALWAYS love have you link-up! You’re a stud. : )

  4. WOW!! These all sound amazing! Thanks for the list! I’ve personally read Naturally Thin when I was losing weight/ getting healthy and I LOVE it! Very well written and truthful! …another fave?? French Woman Don’t Get Fat! I love both those books!! And I def want to read The Secret now!! Sounds amazing! …and MORE looks really good too! Def needa check em out! Thanks girl!

  5. Ooh I want to read that book by Dean Karnazes!!! Adding that to my list of to-read’s 🙂

    I highly recommend “Balance That Works When Life Doesn’t” by Susie Larson! I’m almost done with it and it has been life changing. What woman doesn’t want to read about finding balance in life?! It’s an every day kind of struggle.

    I sneak reading in either early in the morning, a little at nap time or after the kids are in bed. Sometimes I read my “boring mom books” to our toddler and he’s okay with that, as long as we snuggle!

  6. I read about 10mins a day, a minimum. And that’s just with my eyes. I also listen to audiobooks, but I read more (eyes), than listen.
    On track for my 50 books for the year. May get more, may get less, but still a step up from where I was a few years ago.
    Reading encourages my kids to read too, because they see me reading, they read too.
    I loved the power of habit, that was really interesting, esp social habits.
    One of my fav non fiction books is Chalene Johnson’s Push, that not only helped me physically, it helped me created a new me inside and out, and made me realise the power of lists.

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