Age 31 – My New Manifesto

Hi friends! This past weekend, I turned 31. Woot! Wow…31 is a pretty inconsequential number, but still, any increase in age should be celebrated. Chad surprised me with a weekend getaway to Portland, sans the kiddos. It was perfection and it also gave me ample time to think, uninterrupted. So, during a journal session in my hotel bed while Chad was napping, I wrote this, and later decided that I wanted to blog it! I am an avid journal-er, notebooks abounding. Journaling is one of my happy places, which also means it tames ‘the munchies.’ That’s kinda a standard for me to know if I really love an activity. ; ) So, for The Fit Dish today, I will be taking advantage of the ‘topic is optional’ route.

AGE 31 – A Manifesto To Myself

Today, I am 31. I don’t really believe in waiting until the right date to start something. If something is right, it needs to get started right away – date is no consequence. But, turning a new age, is definitely an opportunity to set goals, and decide what I want more of in my life, and what I want less of, what I need to focus on, what I need to fall away, and what I need to consciously seek and avoid.

I often talk of fresh starts that it may be tiresome at this point. But, I don’t believe that. Yes, I fall short often, returning to what seems like original starting points, but I have an idea for keeping the focus and fire alive. All the pieces are coming together – momentum is being built, and it’s time to let it go, and keep it running.


Live that dream life EVERY DAY. Live it fully. Level 10 days, filled with gratitude, with a balance of give and take. Toughen Up. Decrease the ‘stickability factor’ – get things done and off the plate. Be stoic, not epicurean. Keep my space clean and organized. Do first things first. Commit to important routines. Use time to my advantage – structure it for my best life, not a mediocre one of dabbling and dawdling. Be present with what you choose to do – make the most of the moment. Connect with each family member every day in a way that they know I love them.

Law of Attraction – I attract what I focus on and believe

  1. What I am – I am focused, energized, determined, uplifting and high-performing > F.E.D.U.H.
  2. I am a loving wife, mother and person. I aim to make people feel happier and more inspired than before they came in contact with me.
  3. I value my life, and consider time as an asset that I trade every day. I often ask, ‘What am I willing to trade my life for?’ I schedule my day, every day, not just creating a checklist, but mapping out the times things will get done. I am selective, because I aim to live my very best life. I help my children follow routines as well, so our household can run smoothly and happily.
  4. I teach my children how to be happy by being grateful, taking care of themselves, each other, our family, our environment, and our things.
  5. I use food as delicious fuel, eating for maximum energy & joy, minimum cravings, and a lean body. I enjoy occasional treats. There is no ‘food monster’ who takes offer my own decision making. I am 100% in control of what I focus on. I have the power to change my focus, and empower myself.
  6. I am a goal-setter and achiever. I implement. I set weekly goals and commitments. I set monthly goals and commitments. I set quarterly, and annual goals.
  7. I put first things first.
  8. I take the time every morning, to return to these thoughts, do a voice memo, and hone my focus for my life for that day.

Strategies/Routines – My Daily Non-Negotiables To Implement My Manifesto

  • Every night, I plan my day using my Daily Success Worksheet. I don’t overbook myself, but am selective with my daily goals, choosing the top priorities that I am committed to checking off that day.
  • Every morning, after saying a prayer, I re-read my Manifesto, and record a 5-minute voice memo to myself, simply hashing out my thoughts and intentions for the day. While prepping some morning detox tea (fresh lemon, ginger and cayenne), I write the bullet-points from the ‘thought hash’ in a specific notebook.  (This does wonders for me to clarify my thoughts, weed out negativity, become more aware of emotions, and find solutions instead of running around in circles)
  • Help my family follow a morning and nighttime routine.

After writing that out this past weekend, I felt so calm. The age of 30 was definitely an age of learning for me – I was a sponge, and I loved it. I will never stop learning of course, but just looking back to last year, I have learned so much and gained so much expertise. This year, I will be implementing much more and keeping the momentum rolling. Chugga chugga.

I encourage you to look at your life and ask yourself,

‘What am I willing to trade my life for?’

This question is quite the lens to hone your priorities. Find a way to live to true to your values and priorities every day. Don’t settle. Each day you’re given 24 hours to trade. What do you really want to spend them on?

Next week’s optional topic:zen

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10 Responses to Age 31 – My New Manifesto

  1. A beautiful way to start your next year (happy birthday again, btw). This reminds me of writing my blog and life mission statements as I did this summer. It is important to know who you are at your core, but also to know what you stand for and your energy. This captures yours!

    • Thank you, Susie! LOVE that you wrote mission statements last year, and how you describe what they define. i am really curious about yours now! Did you post them by any chance? Either way, it’s awesome. Take care, friend. #fitfamlove

  2. That sounds like so much fun! 😀 I’m glad you had a great birthday! (Happy birthday again! 😛 ) I love your manifesto! There are a lot of things on yours that I’m working on as well! I really like that idea of “24 hours to trade.” I’m all about the experiences! <3

    • Thanks so much, Farrah! You def are great at packing in so many great experiences and making awesome memories! Cheers to trading our 24 hours for the best. A- MEN! #fitfamlove

  3. Officially inspired. You have a way of making sense of all the clutter I often feel in my head. I love these tips, the morning routine is something I need to start. My days are so drastically different now than a month ago, I need to find new balance and a new schedule. Happy birthday friend, I hope 31 brings you all the joy you deserve!

    • Sam, I am so happy to hear that first comment, that sounds like what Tony Robbins does for me, and my goal is to be the Tony Robbins of fitness. Woot! Good sign. lol. And yes, create some awesome & happy routines for yourself – they help make the most of life, every day. : ) Thanks for the well wishes. So happy to be friends. #fitfamlove

  4. Happy birthday Jess! Live that dream life everyday. Making that decision is life changing and it comes with a feeling of I can do anything I set my mind to. It won’t be easy at times but so so worth it.

    Much much love and admiration! xoxo

    • THanks Jill! I have so much respect for all you do – you truly make the world a better place. Much much much love and admiration right back. Cheers to #Fitfamlove BOOM! lol

  5. Happy, happy (belated) birthday to YOU, Jessica!!! I love the idea of writing a new manifesto for a new season of life. And how true – our time is such a valuable asset. We can’t get those seconds, minutes, hours back!

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday day and week 🙂 #fitfamlove

    • Thank you so much, Amy! New seasons of life really feel good – seasons in general just make sense, they are part of God’s plan. And, I love that quote about ‘What am I willing to trade my life for?’ that I wrote it on my planner. It really helps me keep priorities in perspective. #fitfamlove back atcha!

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