5 Musts For Raising Your Game

Happy Tuesday. Sending out some #fitfamlove – you are all so amazing. Let’s rock this day, shall we?

Today’s optional Fit Dish topic is, ‘Favorite Blogging Apps and Widgets,’ and I’ll be honest, I don’t feel like I have any tricks up my sleeve there – I keep it very basic. So, I am opting for the optional part of the topic this week, and looking forward to learning from The Fit Dish fam today. Thanks Ladies. : )

Before Blogfest and the IDEA World Fitness Convention this past July, I had an over-the-top fangirl moment.

I had signed up for the blogging part of Blogfest, but we were also invited to the opening ceremonies of the IDEA World Fitness Convention, along with 2 days of access after Blogfest.

A few days prior, I checked to see who the keynote speaker was for IDEA and flipped a lid. ‘AHHHH!!!’ I started jumping up and down. I had started following this high-performance expert on YouTube for the past several months, and even tweeted that I was determined to meet him upon discovering that he lived two hours north from me in Portland, Oregon. I would meet him – somehow, someday – stalking was an option (just to say hi, no biggie).

His name is Brendon Burchard, and his story, teachings, and expertise have helped so many entrepreneurs see their potential, change their lives, and reach their goals.  I own most of his books, and have listened to his online videos while driving, getting ready, cleaning and running. And, I got to see him LIVE. Honestly, I would rather go to a convention than a concert any day, I am that anxious to learn about maximizing life!

Along with his story (which is seriously inspiring), he shared 5 must-dos for achieving high-performance. As one of the world’s top performance coaches, I knew I didn’t want to forget anything he was going to share, so I took notes and recorded the whole thing on my phone. Here are the highlights.



The more clarity you have about the person you are, want to be, what you want to achieve, and how you will achieve it, the faster you will get there because you will be avoiding all the things you don’t want to be and do. When you narrow your focus and priorities, you can weed out whatever doesn’t serve you.

He described a specific exercise and tool to maximize clarity

  1. Describe your identity – who you are and want to be – in three words. Live by these, memorize them and repeat them to yourself as needed. For his clients, he will set up triggers for them to mentally repeat them. An example is a specific door frame they walk through (office door etc), they repeat the words, and move forward.
  2. Describe the quality of the relationships you want to have in three words. (You may need to have different ones for different types of relationships). Whenever he comes home, he says the three words he has for the relationship with his spouse. Smart.
  3. You need to be clear about what will make you successful. A mentor? A schedule? What will you consistently do to achieve your goals?

Chad, Jet and I made VISION BOARDS this weekend to increase our clarity! I actually made two, so I could have one in my bathroom, and one above my desk, which can be seen from the kitchen too. Perfect.

Included in them were my 3-word descriptions of my identity, and the 3-word description that Chad and I agreed on that we wanted our relationship to be like. Now, I see them every day, and they help me live with a bigger purpose, instead of reacting to the day-to-day.

For more tips one creating your ultimate vision board, read THIS POST.


Without energy, all the intentions you have can’t come to fruition, because you will be too depleted.

This is actually what The Fit Switch is all about. The purpose of TFS is not be obsessed with fitness, but to use health and fitness to improve your whole life. Being healthy allows you to live your best life, because you have the energy and vigor to do it!

TOP 4 MUSTS for more energy

  1. Drink plenty of water throughout the day (Brendon advocates 4 liters/1 gallon per day. That’s 16 glasses of water, not 8). He breaks it up like this: 1 liter (4 cups) before breakfast, 1 before lunch, 1 before dinner, 1 between dinner and bed. DONE. Try to build up to it.
  2. MOVE every day
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Get enough sleep

We know these. But, it helps when we put them in context with our life’s goals.

“You don’t HAVE energy, it’s generated.” ~Brendon Burchard

Take the reins with your energy levels by consistently doing what you can to take care of your health.


High-performers get more done in less time. HOW? They live in strategy mode, not reaction mode.

AVOID – email/social media drip. He is adamant for himself and clients to limit checking emails to twice a day. For social media – do what you need to get done, then get off. I think social media is great in so many ways, but scrolling and scanning should only be done purposefully, at a scheduled time, unless you want it to take over your life.

MUST-DO – plan the day in three categories. 1- projects, 2-people, 3-priorities. Doing this will increase productivity by 30%.


Be an influence for good in the world by being a role model and teaching people how to think better. Leaders and teachers, show people how to think, then they challenge people to live that way.


This applies to two areas of life – how you communicate and how you act. For communication, you must express yourself with courage. He uses a term I love called, “Demonstrate Bold Enthusiasm.” And for courageous action, he explains that you must find something worth fighting for.

Questions for the day

  • What helps you raise your game?
  • How do you stay focused?
  • Which tip would make the biggest impact in your life?
  • Do you have any fun quotes on your vision board? I love my ‘Toughen Up,’ one.  Haha


So looking forward to this one!

Much love Fit Fam. I can’t thank you enough for all your inspiration and support.

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18 Responses to 5 Musts For Raising Your Game

    • Thanks you, Amanda. I have officially made 2 vision boards, and I have learned it’s best to keep it simple and honest, so that you can just get it started – any fancy stuff can come later, or never at all. But, I think it’s better to have a little wall space with handwritten notecards taped up, than nothing at all, otherwise we just put it off. You could even use post-its! My new vision boards have already helped me refocus so many times. : ) Have fun with it!

  1. All really great tips! I love the section on productivity! So many people run thru the week just reacting to what is thrown their way instead of finding their own purpose and leading their own way. Great post Jessica!

    • Thanks Mary Beth! I have learned that reacting is exhausting! It’s so much better to just focus on being aware of what’s going on, but not overreacting to it, all while focusing on what we decide to focus on, not what’s constantly presented to us. You’re a stud. Take care!

  2. Jessica, thanks so much for the great post! It couldn’t have come at a better time for me. The first week of fall (after Labor Day, in my book) is like New Year’s for me: A time for prioritizing, goal setting, and streamlining. Your post struck such a chord with me that I actually printed it so I can read it when I’m offline. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

    • Lee, that’s so great to hear! I feel the same way about the New Year’s feeling that comes with the start of the school year. ANd, I LOVE fresh starts – they are exciting, and an opportunity to let go of things and move towards better things. We are constantly learning and evolving, so it’s important that our goals go along with that. I am so excited for you journey. Cheers to goal setting. WOOHOO!

  3. Making a relationship vision board with your husband is an awesome idea! Maybe I could talk my husband into trying that 🙂 Having a vision keeps you focused and moving forward in our daily lives – and that would be very helpful in marriage, too!

    You’re “toughen up” motto is great, Jessica!

    • I was surprised we did it together, but I will admit, he was inspired by someone else, not me. A very successful colleague of his explained that she used a vision board, and whatever she put on it, she always got. She gave him a few examples, and it inspired him. I knew mine needing updating, because my goals have changed, so it was perfect! But, I you helped me realize that we should set some joint goals too. Silly me! Thanks for the tip. And “toughen up” really helps me when I start to complain and whine. Haha. Hey, it helps, so why not, right? Hope you have a great week, Amy!

  4. Hi! First time linker-upper here as I’m pretty new to blogging! Thanks for hosting, and I’m excited to follow along to learn and hopefully find some new friends in the big old blog world! Thanks again!

    • Nancy, we beyond thrilled you are joining us. The Fit Dish is such a supportive and inspiring family, and we welcome you. I am looking forward to getting to know you better. How did you find us? Hope you have a wonderful day. #FITFAMLOVE

  5. I really love the vision boards, I made a couple last year but they are in the garage. Your tips are very insighful and I will definitely be using it. Have a great day

    • Great to hear from you Heather! Vision boards are great, but I definitely think they need to remain fresh, or the inspiration can decrease a little as time goes by. But, maybe that’s just a me thing. And, get them out of the garage! I was readying Tone It Up’s recommendations about vision boards, and they suggest starting with just a few things and letting it grow organically, instead of feeling pressure to fill it all up at once, which inevitably kind of makes us put it off altogether. Cheers to a great day! Take care. : )

  6. From reactive mode to strategy mode was a life and productivity changer for me! After reading Burchard’s book from IDEA I’ve been obsessed with reading all that I can about and written by him. I would love to see and hear him speak live. Mind blown! Much love <3

    • I think Yoga plays a huge role in helping people change from being in reaction mode as well, because it’s a big part of it is just being aware of our emotions and thoughts, and then letting them go. Yoga definitely helps me be a more calm person, instead of being in a state of reaction for the day. I love that. And Brendon! Yep, he is awesome. I would love to go to Expert’s Academy, but that one will probably have to remain a wish. BUMMER.

    • Amen Gigi! Some weekends I eat way a lil too much junk, get too little sleep, and my gusto is mega depleted on Monday and Tuesday. Consequently, I can’t nearly as much done, because I am in recovery mode. Live and learn! Great to hear from you, as always. Cheers! Xoxo

  7. Yayy! So glad your site is back up! I was rather worried! :O

    I’m definitely going to have to start drinking more water and…attempting to get enough sleep! I’ve been super super lacking these days on energy, and it’s really bad! x_x Thank you for all of those other tips too! :]

  8. I will definitely be “stealing” the dividing of your day into projects, people & priorities!! I can see how this would boost your productivity. Ahh, the social media drip :(. I hate it and am addicted to it at the same time. Some days I’m great at shutting it off. Others days, not so much. Work in progress! I loved this post, Jessica 🙂

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