How To Change Your Mood In 5 Minutes

Well hello, Gorgeous! Every time you visit TFS (The Fit Switch), I want you to appreciate how beautiful and amazing you are – I want you to feel it, whole-heartedly. So today, I’m starting off with a ‘Well hello, Gorgeous!’ Let’s get the self-love rolling, and dive into making our lives even more fabulous, mkay? That’s right, yessiree, indubitably.

Today, I’m dishing about how to master our emotions, so the next time you’re in a slump regarding anything healthy, you can dropkick it, and find your mojo to get moving, eat well, and dive into your #dreambig goals.

This information has been sourced from, Tony Robbins a.k.a. master life-improver… let’s just say it how it is.

We are emotional beings, and that includes men (haha). Human beings are always in some emotional state/mood.

Let’s talk MOODS – they can work for us, or against us. For example:

  • ‘I feel so blah. I don’t want to workout. I’ll feel better tomorrow, so I’ll wait ’til then.’
  • ‘I feel so motivated. I am excited to kill it in my group fitness class with mah peeps, and then savor my post-workout Chocolate Almond Smoothie Bowl. It will start my productive day most perfectly.’
  • ‘I am so depressed right now, can we just binge on Netflix and popcorn?’
  • ‘I am so excited to get things done today! Look at that to-do list? It’s gunner get smashed, yo!’
  • ‘I feel so confident lately. I have been living true to my priorities, and moving forward a little every day – all the work is so worth it.’
  • ‘I feel like a failure. I always make grand plans and I never follow through. I want to give up.’

Anything sound familiar? Our emotions hold tremendous power over our actions. When we feel good, we’re more apt to do things that are positive for our lives. When we feel lousy, we just want to do anything we can to make ourselves feel better a.s.a.p. – even if it’s not the best choice for our health or our lives.  That’s when we need a 5-minute time-out to break out of a bad mood. (I have a lil cheat-sheet for you later) Today, I’m sharing a tool to help you take the reins of your emotions.

First, recognize your power over your emotions. You can choose how you feel – no one or no thing can make you feel a certain way.

‘Happiness is a choice. And so is anger, frustration, or any other emotion.’

There are three factors that determine what you feel, moment to moment. Tony Robbins and other psychologists calls it the “Emotional Triad”

triad of feeling

1) What You Focus On

‘Whatever you focus on, you feel.’

What you’re focusing on is a decision you’re constantly making. If you’re in a negative emotion, you’re likely focusing on something negative in your life. Our lives are not perfect – if we search for something negative to dwell on, we will absolutely find it. You can consciously choose to focus on something positive.

This is not about burying your head in the sand and avoiding anything negative. Asking yourself, ‘What am I currently focusing on?’ is a poignant question to gain awareness into why you’re currently feeling the way you are. From there, you can make conscious decisions to focus your attention in a better way. You can focus on solutions instead of problems, how you can improve instead of how you messed up, or what you can learn from a situation instead of letting it irritate the heck out of you, and throw you off your game.

2) Your Physiology

‘Motion creates emotion.’

Your body and your emotions are connected. Picture someone experiencing sadness. What do they look and sound like? What are they doing? How are they doing it? You can already imagine that their posture is slumped, shoulders rounded and head down. They are talking and moving slowly and heavily.

Physiology can be divided into 3 parts

  1. Your posture – how you are standing or sitting
  2. Your vocality – how you’re using your voice: the tone, pace, annunciation
  3. Your movement – are you still, or are you moving around?

When you want to change your mood, pay attention to how you’re using your body, and how you’re talking. As you start to identify what’s going on, you will recognize the connection between your physiology and emotions.

Now, start to move differently. If you feel stuck, get moving, literally. If you feel defeated, change it – pull your shoulders back, stand tall, and smile, speak clearly and loud enough for people to easily understand you, stand up for awhile if you’ve been sitting. By changing your physiology to reflect the emotion you desire, you will start to feel that way.

I can’t tell you how many times going for a walk has flipped my mood. I didn’t realize the power that motion carries. If you feel stuck in a certain mood, change how you’re using your body and how you’re speaking.

3) Your Language

This applies to what you’re saying and what you’re thinking.

Your words and language patterns affect how you feel.  If you say, ‘I feel really tired’ or ‘This is such a pain,’ you will  feel tired or that what you’re trying to do is a pain. Wham-bam, thoughts are legit powerhouses! Those particular thoughts don’t put you in an empowering state whatsoever.

When you want to change your mood, become aware of what you’re telling yourself, or the person you’re talking with. Are you asking questions that help you move forward, or questions that leave you stuck or even going backwards? For example, ‘Why does this always happen to me?’ is an extremely disempowering question. Answer: Well, it doesn’t always happen to you, you just believe it does, so now what? It gives you no where to go besides possibly down.

Empowering language helps you move forward in a positive way. Questions like:

  • ‘What can I learn from this?’
  • ‘Why do I feel this way, and what am I willing to do about it right now?’
  • ‘Is this a signal that there something I need to improve or change in my life?’

This type of language helps you use your experiences as an opportunity, leading you to make improvements, instead of dwelling on feeling lousy and stuck with whatever was dealt to you.


I hear ya! Often, I read and learn useful things, but when the time comes to use it, I forget and fall back into old routines. Here is a handy cheat sheet to help implement this information. Personally, I am taping this one to the inside of my cupboard – I’ve actually been wanting it for months.


This week’s optional Fit Dish topic was, ‘Create A Personal Zen Space. Escape The Hustle & Bustle of the Holidays.’ As I thought about it, I realized that sometimes we may not have access to our zen space, so then what? What if we’re at work, someone’s home, or out-and-about? Are we forced to be zen-less? Of course not. We can always turn our focus inward, regardless of where we are, and use a guided ‘time-out’ to escape any craziness, gain awareness, organize the brain, and decide the best action to take (if any at all). Once our mental spaces are clear, we’re much better equipped to handle any environmental chaos. Cheers to grown-up time outs. Holla!

P.S. I totes took one last week, straight up locked myself in a room when I was reaching ‘Mommy Tipping Point,’ and within 5 minutes I identified what I was feeling, why, and came up with a practical solution that got me excited. I was astounded at the power of a structured 5-minute time out. I hope you give it a try. : )

Next Week’s Optional Topic: Happy almost Thanksgiving!attitude of gratitude

Questions for the day

  • What are your best ways to boost your mood?
  • Have you ever given yourself a time-out?
  • How do you gain clarity when your head is a mess?
  • Where is a good place in your home to take a ‘time-out?’

Much love, beautiful friends!

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Age 31 – My New Manifesto

Hi friends! This past weekend, I turned 31. Woot! Wow…31 is a pretty inconsequential number, but still, any increase in age should be celebrated. Chad surprised me with a weekend getaway to Portland, sans the kiddos. It was perfection and it also gave me ample time to think, uninterrupted. So, during a journal session in my hotel bed while Chad was napping, I wrote this, and later decided that I wanted to blog it! I am an avid journal-er, notebooks abounding. Journaling is one of my happy places, which also means it tames ‘the munchies.’ That’s kinda a standard for me to know if I really love an activity. ; ) So, for The Fit Dish today, I will be taking advantage of the ‘topic is optional’ route.

AGE 31 – A Manifesto To Myself

Today, I am 31. I don’t really believe in waiting until the right date to start something. If something is right, it needs to get started right away – date is no consequence. But, turning a new age, is definitely an opportunity to set goals, and decide what I want more of in my life, and what I want less of, what I need to focus on, what I need to fall away, and what I need to consciously seek and avoid.

I often talk of fresh starts that it may be tiresome at this point. But, I don’t believe that. Yes, I fall short often, returning to what seems like original starting points, but I have an idea for keeping the focus and fire alive. All the pieces are coming together – momentum is being built, and it’s time to let it go, and keep it running.


Live that dream life EVERY DAY. Live it fully. Level 10 days, filled with gratitude, with a balance of give and take. Toughen Up. Decrease the ‘stickability factor’ – get things done and off the plate. Be stoic, not epicurean. Keep my space clean and organized. Do first things first. Commit to important routines. Use time to my advantage – structure it for my best life, not a mediocre one of dabbling and dawdling. Be present with what you choose to do – make the most of the moment. Connect with each family member every day in a way that they know I love them.

Law of Attraction – I attract what I focus on and believe

  1. What I am – I am focused, energized, determined, uplifting and high-performing > F.E.D.U.H.
  2. I am a loving wife, mother and person. I aim to make people feel happier and more inspired than before they came in contact with me.
  3. I value my life, and consider time as an asset that I trade every day. I often ask, ‘What am I willing to trade my life for?’ I schedule my day, every day, not just creating a checklist, but mapping out the times things will get done. I am selective, because I aim to live my very best life. I help my children follow routines as well, so our household can run smoothly and happily.
  4. I teach my children how to be happy by being grateful, taking care of themselves, each other, our family, our environment, and our things.
  5. I use food as delicious fuel, eating for maximum energy & joy, minimum cravings, and a lean body. I enjoy occasional treats. There is no ‘food monster’ who takes offer my own decision making. I am 100% in control of what I focus on. I have the power to change my focus, and empower myself.
  6. I am a goal-setter and achiever. I implement. I set weekly goals and commitments. I set monthly goals and commitments. I set quarterly, and annual goals.
  7. I put first things first.
  8. I take the time every morning, to return to these thoughts, do a voice memo, and hone my focus for my life for that day.

Strategies/Routines – My Daily Non-Negotiables To Implement My Manifesto

  • Every night, I plan my day using my Daily Success Worksheet. I don’t overbook myself, but am selective with my daily goals, choosing the top priorities that I am committed to checking off that day.
  • Every morning, after saying a prayer, I re-read my Manifesto, and record a 5-minute voice memo to myself, simply hashing out my thoughts and intentions for the day. While prepping some morning detox tea (fresh lemon, ginger and cayenne), I write the bullet-points from the ‘thought hash’ in a specific notebook.  (This does wonders for me to clarify my thoughts, weed out negativity, become more aware of emotions, and find solutions instead of running around in circles)
  • Help my family follow a morning and nighttime routine.

After writing that out this past weekend, I felt so calm. The age of 30 was definitely an age of learning for me – I was a sponge, and I loved it. I will never stop learning of course, but just looking back to last year, I have learned so much and gained so much expertise. This year, I will be implementing much more and keeping the momentum rolling. Chugga chugga.

I encourage you to look at your life and ask yourself,

‘What am I willing to trade my life for?’

This question is quite the lens to hone your priorities. Find a way to live to true to your values and priorities every day. Don’t settle. Each day you’re given 24 hours to trade. What do you really want to spend them on?

Next week’s optional topic:zen

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10 Books To Make You Stronger, Healthier & Thinner FOR LIFE

Books, in reality, are an opportunity to have a conversation with an expert on any topic.

Do we not all want to know how to improve our lives with more health, happiness, energy, success, love etc? Do we not all want achieve our own versions of success? Books (the knowledge of others) allow us to ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’ – to bypass learning through our own experiences and learn through others. We can catapult out knowledge and expertise every day, in the comfort of our own beds (or fave chairs), by simply reading from the best books. Even as an English major, I don’t consider myself biased about the power of books. Yet, reading is often neglected.

I challenge you to replace 15 minutes of media time with reading. Pick valuable, non-fiction books, and see how your mentality and life starts to change. These 10 book below are a great place to start.

10 Books That Will Make You Stronger, Healthier & Thinner FOR LIFE

Re-Awaken The Giant Within ~ Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a famous master on behavior change.  Most people just give instructions on how to change, but Tony explains the reasoning behind it all – what we do, and WHY we do it. This book demonstrates how to upgrade the standards in your life, and give you proven methods to help you achieve your ideal reality. You will honestly re-wire your brain with this book.

By the way, it’s currently a FREE DOWNLOAD! I printed mine up, and read it while on the elliptical. Whenever I reread it, my focus and effectiveness is honed. #noexcuses. This is my #1 recommendation.

MORE of the Fit Woman’s Secrets ~Lorna Jane Clarkson

Get inside the head of Lorna Jane Clarkson’s, ‘Move, Nourish, Believe,’ lifestyle philosophy. How does she think? Live? Find balance? Do it all? Maintain a six-pack happily at 50 years old? She spills it all in her ever-positive fashion.

If I’m ever in a fitness funk, I pull this out. Her healthy lifestyle draws you in, making you wonder why you would ever settle for less. The images are gorgeous, and it offers bonus recipes too.

Power Of Habit ~Charles Duhigg

Our lives, for the most part, are governed by our habits. What we achieve, how we live, and how we consistently feel, are just a few of the major players ruled by our habits. This well-researched book not only explains how habits are formed, how they work and how to re-wire them, but it’s all done in a very entertaining way.

Prepare to learn a lot about your brain, your current patterns (good and bad), and how you can overwrite any bad habit.

Run! 26.2 Stories of Blisters and Bliss ~ Dean Karnazes

What does the world’s most famous ultra-marathoner think while running hundreds of miles? Dean Karnazes, known to his friends as, Karno, will change your perspective on what it means to be tough.  I gifted to this to runner friend of mine, because it offers tremendous perspective on pushing yourself to your ultimate potential. So often, we think we are pushing ourselves, but really, we’re still pretty comfortable. If you need more mental toughness and tenacity, you this a must-read. And, it’s extremely fun and interesting.

Naturally Thin ~ Bethenny Frankel

You may roll your eyes at Bethenny Frankel, but this book offers concrete takeaway value on how to live diet-free, while staying thin, for life. In it, she shares her 10 rules that she lives by every day. You will learn how to calm the food noise, enjoy food more, and how to eat what you want while maintaining your weight. She has mastered how to feel zero deprivation – making being thin absolutely sustainable and enjoyable. I re-read this one when cravings are yelling. ; )

All-Day Energy Diet ~ Yuri

Yuri owns the subject of energy optimization. Using science-based research, he teaches simple ways you can maximize your energy, and the common pitfalls many of us are falling for. Best of all, you can implement the information immediately, and you will also reap the rewards immediately. I am forcing Chad to read this one. Not reading this, is well, just stupid unwise.

Tone It Up. 28 Days to Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous ~Karena Dawn & Katrina Scott

Karena and Katrina beam with health and female empowerment. What I love about this book is that walks you through how to evolve into a confident, fabulous, and generous woman by giving you a set of daily challenges for 28 days that include a workout challenge, food of the day, ‘fierce challenge,’ and ‘fabulous challenge.’ It’s so much more than your cookie-cutter diet book. Often, we are stuck in negative thinking about ourselves and/or healthy lifestyles, and their book is the ultimate dropkick for that. Confession: I bought this book, thinking I would return in it, but there was no way I was going to that after reading it.

Brain Over Binge. Why I Was Bulimic, Why Conventional Therapy Didn’t Work, and How I Recovered For Good  ~ Kathryn Hansen

Many of us, myself included, can struggle with overeating because we’re bombarded with highly-palatable, addicting food. Although overeating and binging are different, this book is one woman’s story about how she overcame her binge-eating disorder and bulimia in an abrupt way, after struggling for over 12 years (even with years of therapy). She always told herself, if she learned how to overcome binging, she would share it. There are extremely valuable takeaways from this book, that will give you tools to end binging, which can easily be applied to overeating. Plus, it gives you empathy for everyone who struggles with food.

The Secret ~ Rhonda Byrne

I’m going to spill ‘The Secret.’ This book is about the Law Of Attraction, teaching you how what you think and believe will be attracted to you. It’s mostly a combination of quotes, curated by the author, and is divided into topics, like wealth, love, health, etc. Reading this will help you uncover your patterns of thought, and how they are serving you, for better or worse, and give you the tools to harness your thoughts and beliefs to get whatever you want in life. Until you believe you can do something, you’re set up for failure. You will learn how to visualize the person you want to be, and become that person.

Master Your Metabolism ~ Jillian Michaels

This book does a great job explaining how metabolism and hormones work, how they are damaged or improved, and how we can use this knowledge to maintain a great physique in a time-efficient way. There is a lot of confusion about what is healthy and what’s not, and unfortunately, doing and or/eating the wrong things can sabotage your physique goals, or make them much harder to reach. A huge part of health is understanding the endocrine system (think hormones system), and Jillian breaks it down in an easy-to-understand way, allowing you to make educated decisions on what you eat, how you move, and minimizing stress to your body.

Honestly, I never regret reading a book. You don’t have to read books word for word (I skim first, and then go back if I think it’s worth it), just filling your mind with new perspectives, ideas and research will help equip you with knowledge on how you want to live, and how to do it effectively every day.

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Questions For Your Lovely Self

  • What books do you recommend? Any big life-changers?
  • Have you read any of these?
  • When and where do you like to read?
  • How do you fit reading into your life?

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